Exploratory work began 2013. We'd had at least one false start a couple years before, but it did not deter us. Our goal was to build a solid mobile game with some depth to it. The four of us had built games together before (The Shaman Engines, 2010). Going from a first-person shooter on PC to a retro roguelike on mobile was quite the transition.

We chose to go with a completely open-source stack. Both Tommy and Alexis had previous experience developing Flash applications, and Haxe seemed like a natural choice. Our client-side stack is Flixel and OpenFL (Haxe), while our services are written on top of Sinatra (Ruby).

Starscend is a side-project, the product of many weekends spend coding and pixeling. It is the result of evaluating trade-offs and making hard decisions without losing sight of our vision. Above all, it is a product of our passion for games. We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did writing it.

Our Team
Member Bios

Tommy Brosman - Producer, Technical Director
Alexis Fall-Strandberg - Art Director
John Stone - Dungeon Master
Alex Chen - Bug Blaster
Betty Huang - Catering, Playtesting
Our Awesome Playtesters and Alpha Testers